DSCN0616Lamont Public Utility District (District) is a California Public Utility District formed in 1943 pursuant to the California Public Utility District Act (California Public Utilities Code §15701 et seq.), with the purpose of providing water and sewer service to residential, municipal, commercial, and industrial developments within its boundaries. The District is governed by a five member Board of Directors, elected for 4-year terms. The District has a population of approximately 18,290.

The District is located in the southern end of the San Joaquin Valley in California, Kern County, approximately 10 miles south/southwest of City of Bakersfield. It currently consists of a single service area, wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) and effluent use areas.  As of January 2015 provides approximately 3,900 water serve connections.

The District’s service area, comprising approximately 2,000 acres generally extends approximately one-half mile to either side of Weedpatch  Hwy (State Route 184, known locally as Main Street), beginning south of East Panama Lane and extending to the properties just south of Buena Vista Boulevard.  This service area encompasses the communities of Lamont and Weedpatch, along with some undeveloped lands in the immediate vicinity.

The WWTP, located northwest and southwest of the intersection of East Bear Mountain Boulevard (State Route 223) and Wildman Road, sits on 640 acres of District owned land. Currently, approximately 160 acres of District’s land lies outside the District’s service area boundary, although within its Sphere of Influence (SOI). Current use of the 640 acres include 80 acres for wastewater treatment and storage, 270 acres for green waste composting and 130 acres for farming fodder crops. The remaining 160 acres are currently in a fallow condition and are not used by the District.

The District’s SOI forms a rectangle extending north-to-south-from East Panama Lane to Sycamore Road and from one-half mile west of South Fairfax Road to one-half mile east of South Vineland Road.  It contains approximately 21 square miles, or 13,440 acres.

Within its service area, the District provides its customers with water and sewer services.  It also serves as an intermediary between residents and Pacific Gas & Electric for concerns related to operation, installation, and maintenance of street lighting.  The District does not actually operate or maintain lighting facilities.

The District’s main office is located at 8624 Segrue Road, Lamont, California, 93241, which is approximately one third mile east of Weedpatch Hwy (Main Street) on Segrue Road.

Regular board meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 6:00 PM at the District Office.