Project Updates

1. Water Well #19

The District’s long awaited Water Well #19 Project began construction in May, 2014.  The project involves the construction of a new potable water well, water storage reservoir, booster pump, chlorination system and a pipeline connecting Well #12 to new water Well #19.  This project will address the arsenic contamination at District Well #12.  Through their diligent efforts, the District’s Board of Directors was successful in obtaining funding through the State of California’s State Revolving Fund for the project, of which 80% of the project costs are being covered through grant funds.  The project has been under construction for approximately one year now, with project completion anticipated to be October 2015. Once completed, water from District Well #12 will be blended with water from District Water Well #19 to bring Well #12 into full compliance with State regulations.  This project was completed in January, 2016.


2. Bernard & Palm Aves Water Pipeline Relocation and Valve Installation Project

The District’s water distribution mains that provide water to residential customers along Bernard Ave., Palm Ave. and Hall Rd., between Myrtle Ave and Main Street, are currently located within utility easements running along the backside of each of the properties.  Access to these water mains and services for repairs and maintenance is limited due to their location.  This project involves (1) the installation of approximately 2,600 linear feet of new 8-inch PVC water distribution mains location within public rights-of-way, (2) the relocation of 84 water services including water meters to the front of each property, and (3) the abandonment of the old water mains located within utility easements.  This project will greatly improve the District’s ability to perform maintenance on the water mains/services that serve these District customers, and will also improve the safety conditions and access for District staff when reading meters.  The project also includes the replacement/insertion of eight mainline valves located in various locations within the District which are no longer operable. The replacement of these mainline valves will improve the District’s ability to isolate localized areas within the District in the event a shut down is necessary.   This project was completed in April, 2015. (last updated 5-6-15)

3. SSMP Sewer Cleaning  and Video Inspection Project

flushing 2This project consists of the cleaning and videoing of 100% of the District’s sewer mains. Mandated by the state The District’s Sanitary Sewer Management Plan requires that the District flush or clean 1/4 of its sewer system each year, as mandated by the State of California.  Because the District does not own sewer cleaning equipment, it contracted with National Plant Services Inc. for the cleaning and videoing of the District’s sewer system. The District is currently looking into investing in its own equipment so that future sewer main cleaning can be performed by District Staff. This project was completed in October, 2015. (last updated 5-6-15)

4. Reservoir Demolition ProjectDSCN0541

The project involves the demolition and removal of an existing one (1) million gallon in-ground water storage reservoir located at 10722 Williams Street (behind the District office).  This reservoir has not been in use for over ten years due to substantial cracking in the reservoir walls and bottom and a deteriorated roof. On June 19, 2014, bids were received for the project and on June 23, 2014, the project was awarded to the low bidder, NSM Recycling inc.  The project began construction on August 6, 2014 and was completed in November, 2014. (last updated 5-6-15)

5. Well #14 Abandonment

Well #14The District’s Well#14, located on Man-O-War Ave, experienced casing failure many years ago and as a result, the well was taken offline.   Well #14 has remained inactive ever since.  The State and County of Kern require that wells no longer in use be destroyed properly.  This project involved the removal of all equipment from the well site and the destruction of the well in accordance with County requirements.  As of mid July, 2014, the work has been completed by NSM Recycling Inc. and Pacific Irrigation.  (last updated 7-24-14)

6. Weedpatch Neighborhood Sewer Connection Project

In December 2013, the District completed a project that abandoned septic tanks and installed sanitary sewer to 28 properties in the Weedpatch area, specifically on Campbell Drive, Max Lane and Poppy Lane. These residents were living with failing onsite septic system that presented significant public risk and expense to these families.  This project also helped to prevent the further degradation of the groundwater caused by malfunctioning septic tanks.  The project was funded primarily using US Department of Agriculture and County of Kern CDBG grant funds.

7. Treatment for 1,2,3-trichloropropane at District Well #18

The District is implementing a capital project to install treatment for the removal of 1,2,3-trichloropropane (“TCP”) at District Well #18.  TCP was an unnecessary impurity in soil fumigants used in the area from the 1950’s through 80’s, and is now a cancer-causing contaminant found in groundwater.  TCP is currently unregulated in drinking water, but the California Department of Public health reports that it will be proposing a drinking water standard for TCP in the very near future. In light of the cancer-causing risks that TCP poses to its customers, the District is proactively working to remove the contaminant from its drinking water.  The District’s engineer has studied treatment options and recommended installation of carbon filtration treatment at all of the District’s TCP impacted wells as the most cost-effective option.  The first phase of the project focuses on District Well #18 because it contributes the most TCP to the distribution system.  This project, once complete, will remove TCP from the groundwater produced by Well #18 down to non-detect levels.  To date, the District has purchased the equipment necessary to remove TCP from the drinking water and is in the process of finalizing the preparation of the construction plans and specifications for the project. The project is expected to be publicly bid in early summer 2015. (last updated 5-6-15).

8. Water Meter Installations

The District is nearly complete with a project involving the installation of water meters on all District water services.   Of over 3,200 water services, only one (1) service remains unmetered.  The installation of the water meters is being performed by District Staff.  The District is expected to be completely metered by June, 2015. (last updated 5-6-15)