The District currently operates seven potable water wells in various locations throughout the service area.  These wells have a combined production of approximately 4.9 million gallons per day (MGD).  To provide peak-time capacity and pressure, the District has six well facilities equipped with booster pumps and hydropneumatic tanks and one well on a variable frequency drive (VFD).  Additionally, three of the wells are equipped with onsite storage tanks with capacities ranging from 125,000 to 450,000 gallons.  Each well also includes a chlorination injection system to provide disinfection.

As additional property is developed, the District will analyze water consumption projections and determine whether existing production facilities are sufficient to meet the needs of the development.  In the event that peak consumption would exceed production capacity, the developer would be required to provide for an alternative or additional source of water. Dependent upon the size, rate, and location of any phased developments, it may be necessary to construct interim facilities until such time as the permanent facilities become available.

The water transmission and distribution system has approximately 200,000 lineal feet of pipe composed primarily of water mains ranging between 6 to 12 inches in diameter. Certain locations within the District are served by 4-inch water mains looped between the larger pipes.  There are also three short segments of 3-inch main, two of which provide increased service to specific sites and the third of which completes a short system loop.

The larger-capacity pipes (8-, 10-, and 12-inch) are concentrated in three primary areas, with smaller pipes connecting the three.  Distribution of wells throughout the District ensures that these smaller pipes do not cause a bottleneck in the system.